M. André, J.C. Nervi, P. Lespinat, D. Massimino
An original method and equipment have been developed for agronomical research requirements by combining the automatism and data processing techniques with cultivation cells. The method consists in regulating in a quantified manner certain factors conditioning growth and firstly the atmosphere components. In an enclosed environment can be obtained the input/output analyses related to the metabolic activity over long periods, and rapid measurement of their natural or caused variation (disease, defficiency, climatic factors, etc…).

A modular and convertible cultivation cell equipment has been designed which permits both bright lighting, with constant or variable wind and a sealed confinement. An electronic system pilots the gas analyses on seven different experiments and regulates four of the simultaneously.

The quantified measurements and input/output operations are recorded numerically for computer processing.

At present, the agronomy experiments being carried out are the marking with 14C of root excretions, the studying of the effect of oxygen on plant development and the production of corn grains uniformly marked with 14C.

The possibilities of growth analysis are illustrated from corn cultivations carried out up to maturity in an artificial atmosphere. The typical curves of hourly and daily CO2 consumption are given together with the evolution of the daily CO2 and water requirements during growth.

André, M., Nervi, J.C., Lespinat, P. and Massimino, D. (1974). UNITS FOR AUTOMATIC CULTURE IN ARTIFICIAL ATMOSPHERE - "C2 3A" PROJECT. Acta Hortic. 39, 59-72
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1974.39.4

Acta Horticulturae