E.W.B. van den Muijzenberg, .
The present evolution of industrial engineering of America will perhaps give some indication of the direction in which it may also develop in horticulture. Originally particular attention was paid to the technical and economic side of research on work methods and -organisation. The simplified pre-determined time-systems will certainly offer new perspectives. Through the new possibilities offered by computers, the mathematical side will also attain increasing importance. Currently special attention is being given to the ergonomic, sociological, physiological and psychological aspects devolving around man. More and more disciplines will come together in industrial engineering.

Its application to horticulture is perhaps encouraged by the fact that the grower bases his cultural techniques on the properties of the plant. Further development requires integrated, creative international co-operation between research workers in horticulture.

van den Muijzenberg, E.W.B. and , . (1966). THE FUTURE OF ‘INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING’ IN HORTICULTURE. Acta Hortic. 3, 59-92
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1966.3.17