E. Wilking
This paper shows how simple materials handling studies can help to solve long-standing problems involved in fruit marketing. Years of discussions over container and pallet sizes should now be ended by reference to hard economic facts instead of expensive pronouncements.

Rationalization must begin with even the smallest movements involved if the effects of such improvements are to be fully exploited for the often quite costly tools. Containers and the means of transport also have a bearing on the organisation of fruit grading. Frequently higher productivity can be obtained by correct work-place layout without the need for high investment costs.

The design of work-place lay-out integrates with the design of the buildings for storage, handling and packing. Here also transport is an important influence. Information is now available to enable fruit farm

Wilking, E. (1966). ECONOMIC PROBLEMS OF THE MARKETING OF FRUIT. Acta Hortic. 3, 24-32
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1966.3.6