O. Pancer
We have here a description and the results of a work study of planting apple trees on 201 hectares of land performed in autumn 1962. It is a part of establishing a large-scale fruit farm of 1000 hectares.

After the soil of the whole area of the orchard was prepared by use of machines, the planting was done manually. Gangs consisting of 10 workers each were organized for the planting of the trees. Each gang working on its area combined all operations such as marking plant distances by use of measuring tapes, making holes by use of hoes, placing the trees, manuring, applying plant protection material and throwing back the soil into the holes.

The work study by using a stop watch was done during a period of ten days.

The work efficiency was affected by variations of working conditions and of workers' skill. The difference of work conditions was mostly caused by different methods of soil preparation.

The workers' income varied depending on work performance, but all workers of the same gang got the same salary except for the foreman.

Pancer, O. (1966). A WORK STUDY OF TREE FRUIT PLANTING. Acta Hortic. 3, 34-34
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1966.3.8