M. Massot
Considerable changes in production as well as in the international trade of dessert apples took place during the last decade. World production increased to a level of 21.8 million metric tons in 1970 of which 12.4 million tons are grown in Europe.

The main part of dessert apple production is home-consumed. International trade is relatively unimportant. In 1969 it amounted to 2. 2–2. 3 million tons. For the international trade Europe is the most important region. In 1969, 87% of total international trade took place in Europe (EEC 60%, other European countries 27%).

In countries with a high standard of living, the consumers are looking for cultivar and this acts upon the international fruit trade. Complementary trade with regard to the consumption period and the cultivars is growing.

One of the main problems in the European apple industry is the surplus production, especially in the EEC countries. Several attempts are made to balance supply and demand in the Common Market. The most important attempt is the "withdrawal system" applied since 1967. It goes into action as soon as the price at production level of standardized products is beneath the minimum fixed selling price at the beginning of the period. The withdrawal price is evaluated on the basis of the prices in recent years.

A second attempt to restore market balance was made by the introduction of a grubbing scheme for fruit trees. When grubbed up, 800 UC per hectare is granted provided there is no replanting within a period of five years.

Besides these regulations, some other recommendations can be made to improve the position of the European fruit industry. The most important ones are: providing a reliable monthly crop forecast from July to November; providing more information on storage and trade during the selling season; permanent information on planting and grubbing by cultivars and the introduction of new cultivars to achieve a better assortment.

Massot, M. (1974). THE WORLD MARKET OF DESSERT APPLES. Acta Hortic. 40, 221-228
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1974.40.17

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