Mark S. Roh, Robert J. Griesbach, Roger H. Lawson
Lilium longiflorum Thunb., 'Nellie White' and a selection of L. x elegans Thunb., ('D'), were used to produce interspecific hybrids (LAIH) by cut style pollination, ovary slice followed by ovule culture. A total of 303 plants were obtained from 41 ovules through embryogenesis and plantlet regeneration from callus. In 7 to 8 months from transplanting the tissue cultured plantlets, 55% of the LAIH plants flowered, producing 1 to 7 flowers on 30 to 102 cm stems. Flower colour of the LAIH ranged from white (RHS Colour Chart #155D) to red (55B), yellow (8D), or orange (24C) at bud stage before anthesis. Three LAIH formed bulbils in the leaf axil. Then traditional bulb forcing and forcing from tissue culture propagules were compared. Pot plants of 'Nellie White' and cut flowers of five LAIH were obtained in 116 – 127 days from shoot emergence or in 11 months from transplanting of tissue cultured propagules, which were comparable to the quality (the number of flower and plant height) of the plants forced from large bulbs. The results suggest that growth and flowering of the LAIH resembles that of L. longiflorum, although flower colour, the arrangement of sepals and petals, and bulbil forming characteristics were influenced by L. x elegans.
Roh, Mark S., Griesbach, Robert J. and Lawson, Roger H. (1996). EVALUATION OF INTERSPECIFIC HYBRIDS OF LILIUM LONGIFLORUM AND L. x ELEGANS. Acta Hortic. 414, 101-110
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1996.414.10

Acta Horticulturae