F. J.M. Bonnier, Jaap M. van Tuyl
Germplasm collections of lily are usually maintained in the field leading to high labour costs and to risk of losses caused by diseases. Therefore research has been started aiming to develop storage methods for vegetative material of cultivars and species. In the present study, viability after 0 to 4 years of storage of bulbs in moist peat at -2°C was investigated. The cultivars used were 'Avignon', 'Connecticut King', 'Enchantment', 'Esther' and 'Mont Blanc' (Asiatic hybrids), 'Star Gazer' (Oriental hybrid) and L. longiflorum 'Gelria' and 'Snow Queen'. Viability was scored by the ability of scales to form bulblets. After 4 years of storage, more than 50 percent of the scales of 'Enchantment' and 'Esther' and only a few inner scales of 'Avignon', 'Connecticut King' and 'Mont Blanc' formed scale bulblets. Scales of 'Gelria', 'Snow Queen' and 'Star Gazer' showed enough regeneration for propagation after 2 years of storage, but hardly any regeneration of scales was found after 3 years of storage. These results suggest that Asiatic hybrids can be stored safely for at least 3 years in moist peat at -2°C. 'Star Gazer', 'Gelria' and 'Snow Queen' should not be stored longer than 2 years this way.
Bonnier, F. J.M. and van Tuyl, Jaap M. (1996). FREEZING OF VEGETATIVE GERMPLASM OF LILY FOR 0 TO 4 YEARS. Acta Hortic. 414, 169-174
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1996.414.20
collection, frost, preservation, storage, viability

Acta Horticulturae