P. Brown
An overview of our recent research projects on the nutrition of pistachio will be presented. Three separate experiments will be discussed.
  1. Boron plays a unique role in pistachio. Responses to foliar B application include increased pollen viability and germination rate, increased fruit set and yield, decreased blanking percentage and increased leaf B concentrations. Boron supplementation (2–5 lbs Solubor/100 gal) applied in the late dormant stage increases pollen germinaton reduces blanking and non-splits and consequently increases yield. This stimulation occurs even in trees with summer B increases yield. This stimulation occurs even in trees with summer B concentrations in excess of 150 ppm, indicating that there is a spesific requirement for B in the developing flower. Foliar applications are the most effective method to ensure adequate B for the flowers. Soil applications of B are effective at raising leaf B levels but are not as effective as foliar sprays at increasing yield. Timing of foliar B spray is critical. Late dormant sprays (just prior to bud swell through to 20 % bud break), are the most effective, later sprays effectively increase tissue B but may not enhance current year fruit yield or quality.
  2. Rootstock significantly influences nutritional status of “Kerman” pistachio. Thus, trees on P.atlantica typically have higher concentrations of Zn, Cu, Mg and B, while trees on PGII had higher concentrations of Ca, Cu and Mn. PGI had lower levels of Zn than the other rootstocks. Choice of rootstock can significantly influence the occurrence of nutrient deficiencies in “Kerman” pistachio.
  3. Annual demand for nutrients in cropping and non-cropping pistachio was determined excavating 12 mature pistachio trees. Nutrient concentrations and contents in all tree organs and the effect of cropping status on nutrient demand and the uptake of isotopes of B and N was determined.
Brown, P. (1995). NUTRITION OF PISTACHIO. Acta Hortic. 419, 77-78
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1995.419.10

Acta Horticulturae