B.E. Ak, T. Sermenli, R. Karaca, C. Koç
Ceylanpinar State Farm was established in 1943. The farm is responsible of producing horticultural crops especially pistachio nut, field crops and animals. It has 1.7 million ha land.

The first pistachio plantation was established in 1948 on 114 da area. This value reached to 32 000 da area in 1994. The trees on 23 547 da of area are in bearing age. The rest of them has not in bearing stage yet. The production in the last three years were 555 742 kg in 1991, 105 684 kg in 1992 and 423 571 kg in 1993. The main reason of this fluctuation in yield is the alternate bearing of Kirmizi variety. Average production of last three years was about 361 665 kg. On the other hand, the farm distrubute bud sticks for different region's demand for top grafting or "T" budding.

Ak, B.E., Sermenli, T., Karaca, R. and Koç, C. (1995). THE IMPROVEMENTS OF PISTACHIO AT CEYLANPINAR STATE FARM. Acta Hortic. 419, 281-286
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1995.419.46

Acta Horticulturae