G. Zakinthinos, D. Rouskas
There are many Pistacia species in Greece. Pistacia vera is the only nut for human consumpton in Greece. Other Pistacia species such as Pistacia palaestina, P. terebinthus and P. lentiscus are used as ornamental shrubs. "Aegina" is the main edible cultivar in Greece. The main rootstock used is Pistacia terebinthus var. "Tsikoudia". The nut of the variety "Aegina" contains 55% fat, 23% proteins and 14% carbohydrate. So it has a high nutritional value and lately it has enjoyed an increasing popularity. Also the weight of one "Aegina" pistachio nut (dry) is averaged 0,97– 1,12 g. Moisture content of pistachio is around 7,5–9 % on dry matter during storage conditions.
Zakinthinos, G. and Rouskas, D. (1995). PISTACHIO GROWING IN GREECE. Acta Hortic. 419, 423-425
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1995.419.70

Acta Horticulturae