D. Elliseche, A. M'Hedhbi, J.C. Laberche
The present vegetable protected cultivation in Tunisia covers about 150 hectares with polyethylene low tunnels and 3 hectares of plastic greenhouses. The most important vegetables grown under protection are : muskmelon "Charentais", cucumber "Fakous" (Cucumis melo flexuosus) and pepper.

During recent years experiments have been conducted by the authors on the following subjects:

  1. behaviour and production calendar of some other vegetables grown under low tunnels : squash, french bean, strawberry;
  2. comparison of plastic films for low tunnels : polyethylene, perforated polyethylene, perforated PVC; and in strawberry trials, study of the association between covering and soil plastic mulching;
  3. comparison for early tomato production of traditional individual wind-screens of reeds (Saccharum) and of individual plastic wind-screens, with or without soil plastic mulching.
Elliseche, D., M'Hedhbi, A. and Laberche, J.C. (1974). PROTECTED CULTIVATION OF VEGETABLES IN TUNISIA. Acta Hortic. 42, 225-240
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1974.42.18

Acta Horticulturae