R. Brun, O. de Villele
The North-South and East-West orientation, which correspond to most of the orientations adopted in practice, do not necessarily give both the homogeneity of the microclimatic conditions in greenhouses and the early growth which is generally desired by horticulturists. In the mediterranean zone where, even early in the season, the solar energy is intense, it was pertinent to determine if the two orientations gave different results. This study was conducted on a large scale near Perpignan (France) during 1970/71/72.

Physical observations have confirmed that the North-South orientation was a factor contributing to the homogeneity of microclimatic conditions in greenhouses. In contrast, the East-West orientation did not show itself favourable for early growth. This is due to its permanent asymmetry towards the solar trajectory and the direction of prevailing winds

The results of plant growth confirm the physical observations and show that the North-South orientation increases yield and receipts. It also allows a better utilisation of the soil and helps to support the greenhouse against the wind.

Brun, R. and de Villele, O. (1974). ORIENTATION OF GREENHOUSES IN THE MEDITERRANEAN ZONE. Acta Hortic. 42, 43-54
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1974.42.3

Acta Horticulturae