D. Rouskas, N. Katranis, G. Zakynthinos, R. Isaakidis
Within a walnut seedlings population, by approximation, 2.000.000 existing in Greece, two surveys were carried out in order to select genators with favorable features and with final aim a germplasm bank creation.

From the first survey of 1986–1989, twenty seven genators were selected in central Greece, thirteen (genators) out of them, which were the most important and cherry leaf roll virus-free (CLRv), an experimental collection was constituted. Observations from the collection taken, showed that: seven genators expressed an early bud break (EK1, FK3, FOPAN2, FK1, FK2, FOPAN1, FM16), while six genators expressed mid-early bud break (FK5, FM6, FM5, FM3, FM4, FOKA1). Seven genators were classified for Protandrous bloom date (EK1, FK1, FK3, FK5, FM3, FM4, FOPAN1), two genators for almost homogamous bloom date (FOKA1, FOPAN2) and four for Protogynous bloom date (FM5, FM6, FK2, FM16). For genators (FM6, FM5, FK1, FK5) presented some lateral bearing. Seven genators (FM3, FM4, FM5, FM6, FK3, FOPAN1, FOKA1) were found to have very big-fruits with an average weight of fruit from 18 g (FOKA1) to 25g (FM3) and a percentage of kernel from 42% (FK3) to 51% (FOKA1).

At the second survey 1991–1994, genators were collected from all over the country, in the frame of CCE Fruits Secs project, were selected seventy CRLV-free. Twenty nine out of them presented a high tendency to lateral bearing. An evaluating collection was established in 1994 with the above mentioned genators in the field of the Agriculture Research Station of Vardates.

Rouskas, D., Katranis, N., Zakynthinos, G. and Isaakidis, R. (1997). WALNUTS (JUGLANS REGIA L.) SEEDLINGS SELECTION IN GREECE. Acta Hortic. 442, 109-116
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1997.442.14

Acta Horticulturae