P. Szentiványi, A. Lantos
In Hungary Juglans regia and Juglans nigra seedlings are used as rootstocks of grafted walnut trees. In the nursery success rate of four walnut varieties budded to Juglans regia varied from 36.3% to 63.0%, and that of the same scion varieties on Juglans nigra from 33.4% to 64.3%. The ratio of take of Alsószentiváni 117 and of Tiszacsécsi 83 was higher on Juglans regia than on Juglans nigra, while the take of Milotai 10 and Tiszacsécsi 2 was higher on Juglans nigra.

The take of Alsószentiváni 117 grafted to Juglans rupestris was 49.0%, and that of Milotai 10 just 38.2%.

The establishment rate first year in the orchard was much higher on Juglans regia than on J. nigra. The average survival rate of the four scion varieties was 47.9% and 34.5% respectively.

The growth of the trees displayed the same tendency, both in the nursery and first year in the orchard, trees on Juglans regia grew more vigorously. Larger size trees produced more vigorous growth on both rootstocks.

Szentiványi, P. and Lantos, A. (1997). PRELIMINARY RESULTS OF USE OF DIFFERENT JUGLANS SP. ROOTSTOCKS. Acta Hortic. 442, 277-280
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1997.442.41

Acta Horticulturae