K. Hrotkó, L. Magyar, G. Simon, B. Hanusz
The paper presents the first year's results of a sweet cherry rootstock and interstock trial planted in Hungary, with the aim of selecting efficient rootstocks for the local ecological conditions. Trials were established in 1989 and 1990 with Van and Germersdorfi óriás varieties on the following rootstocks and interstock combinations: mahaleb seedling, Sainte Lucie 64, Korponay Seedling, Mazzard C 2493, Colt, M x M 14, M x M 97, Prob, Inmil as rootstocks and as interstocks sour cherry varieties (Érdi bötermö, Pándy meggy, Meteor korai, Debreceni bötermö) and the dwarfing rootstock Prob. Trees were headed at 80 cm and trained to a Brunner-spindle system. The results of the trial showed mahaleb cherry SL 64 and mahaleb seedling to be vigorous rootstocks. Canopy spread of the trees decreased by 15–20% on Colt rootstock. Largest tree size reduction (40–50%) was achieved on trees grafted on M x M hybrids, Korponay, and Prob. Smallest Van trees were produced on rootstock Inmil, but trees of Germersdorfi óriás on Inmil were not smaller than those on Prob. Tree size on mazzard C 2493 was similar to that on Colt. Sour cherry interstocks on both mahaleb and sour cherry rootstock slightly reduced tree size, but the reduction was not significant. Only Prob, a hybrid between P. fruticosa and P. mahaleb, significantly reduced tree size of Van cherry. The cumulative yield efficiency after the sixth year was highest on rootstock MxM 14, followed by Sainte Lucie 64, while trees on Colt rootstock showed low productivity. The interstock trial with Van cherry as scion showed a similar tendency, with best results when M x M 14 was rootstock. Similarly, good yield efficiency was produced by Prob interstock on mahaleb rootstock. Other interstock combinations did not influence positively the yield efficiency of Van cherry trees. Trees on Korponay rootstock showed incompatibility symptoms in 1996. M x M 14 and M x M 97 rootstocks reduced the crotch angle of shoots on both sweet cherry varieties, which was disadvantageous to spindle training. Slight suckering on the rootstocks Colt, MxM 14 and MxM 97 was observed during the first few years following planting.
Hrotkó, K., Magyar, L., Simon, G. and Hanusz, B. (1997). EFFECT OF ROOTSTOCKS AND INTERSTOCKS ON GROWTH AND YIELD OF SWEET CHERRY TREES. Acta Hortic. 451, 231-236
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1997.451.24
mahaleb cherry, sour cherry as interstock, growth reduction, Prunus fruticosa

Acta Horticulturae