G. L. Reighard, W.C. Newall Jr, E.I. Zehr, T.G. Beckman, W.R. Okie, A.P. Nyczepir
Six rootstock screening trials at four South Carolina locations, representing three peach production areas, were established between 1988–1992. Thirty-seven rootstock cultivars and advanced selections budded to commercial scion varieties were evaluated on old peach land. Rootstocks tested were Bailey, Boone County, Ferris Strain, Halford, Juseito, Lovell, Nemaguard, Rutger's Redleaf, Tennessee Natural, Transvaal Yellow, Tzim Pee Tao, 14DR51, BY520-8, three selections of BY520–8, BY520–9 (Guardian), four selections of BY520–9, Blue Goose, Citation, Edible Sloe, BY7446, GF43, GF305, GF557, GF677, Higama, Ishtara, Montclar, Myran, Rubira, St. Julian A, S.2729, and (SxR.185)6. The most vigorous rootstocks were Nemaguard, Guardian, BY520–8, Myran, and Higama. Rootstocks producing generally smaller trees were 14DR51, Rubira, and plum hybrids Ishtara, St. Julian A, Citation, Edible Sloe, Blue Goose, and BY7446. St. Julian A, Edible Sloe, and Citation trees were small, weak and unproductive. Trees on Blue Goose grew poorly and eventually died from incompatibility. Tree death from peach tree short life (PTSL, i.e., Pseudomonas syringae) varied significantly among rootstocks. Guardian, BY520–8, BY7446, and Edible Sloe had the highest survival on the most severe PTSL site. Nemaguard, St. Julian A, Ishtara, and Myran were very susceptible to Pseudomonas syringae. Guardian selections had superior tree longevity over all rootstocks on short life sites. The highest yielding rootstocks were Guardian, BY520–8, Nemaguard, GF 305, Montclar and Rubira. All plum rootstocks (except Myran and S.2729) and the peach x almond (SxR 185)6 had below average per tree yields.
Reighard, G. L., Newall Jr, W.C., Zehr, E.I., Beckman, T.G., Okie, W.R. and Nyczepir, A.P. (1997). FIELD PERFORMANCE OF PRUNUS ROOTSTOCK CULTIVARS AND SELECTIONS ON REPLANT SOILS IN SOUTH CAROLINA. Acta Hortic. 451, 243-250
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1997.451.26
Prunus persica, peach rootstock, plum rootstock, bacterial canker, peach tree short life

Acta Horticulturae