A.J. Felipe, J. Gómez-Aparisi, R. Socías, M. Carrera
Peach x almond (or almond x peach) hybrids have shown good performance as rootstocks for several stone fruit species. The first commercially known, 'INRA-GF-677', is being used worldwide and at present it is probably the clonal rootstock for stone fruit trees mostly planted during the last few years. As the recent Spanish selection 'Adafuel' suffers several shortcomings as difficulty to propagate and sensitivity to soil pests and diseases (nematodes, Agrobacterium, etc.), it is indicated that it should be convenient to obtain other new clones possessing better characteristics. The experience indicates that the best way to reach this aim is the good knowledge of the different Prunus species' behavior in order to carefully select the parents to be used in crosses. A breeding program was started at Zaragoza to explore the possibilities to find new materials able to improve the rootstock adaptation to our soil and climatic conditions but maintaining, as much as possible, the good qualities of the hybrid rootstocks already known. The peach parent chosen was 'Nemared'. It produces homogeneous seedlings possessing some very interesting characteristics for peach and almond rootstocks: good graft compatibility, resistance to nematodes and good performance in the orchard. As for the almond parent, the choice was difficult because any almond cultivar had the interesting traits we were looking for. However, during our almond breeding program, a selection was identified as possessing some interesting nursery characteristics such as ease of propagation, erect growth and production of few feathers. This selection, named 'Garfi', was used as the almond parent. The cross between 'Garfi' and 'Nemared' produced a hybrid progeny (GxN), among which several outstanding clones were selected because of red leaves, easy propagation, good nursery performance, resistance to nematodes and good behavior as related to chlorosis and to water deficiency.
Felipe, A.J., Gómez-Aparisi, J., Socías, R. and Carrera, M. (1997). THE ALMOND X PEACH HYBRID ROOTSTOCKS BREEDING PROGRAM AT ZARAGOZA (SPAIN). Acta Hortic. 451, 259-262
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1997.451.28

Acta Horticulturae