A. Felipe, M. Carrera, J. Gómez-Aparisi, R. Socias
'Montizo' and 'Monpol' are two 'pollizo' clones recently released by the S.I.A. (Zaragoza). Their behavior as compared to other plum rootstocks for peach is required before their recommendation. 'Pollizo' is a local plum population grown in southeastern Spain (Murcia) as a rootstock adapted to the heavy and calcareous soils frequently found in this region where peach, apricot and almond seedling roots do not adapt well. This population belongs to the Saint Julian (P. insititia L.) group and graft incompatibility with the mentioned stone fruit species, as well as with plum and prune, is considered fairly good in its area of origin. Previous experiences have shown that a satisfactory compatibility is obtained when peach varieties are grafted on 'pollizo' rootstocks, which makes feasible the utilization of 'pollizo' as a rootstock for peach when the soil conditions are adverse and not recommended for peach seedlings and almond x peach hybrid rootstocks. A comparative trial, using 'Catherine' as the peach scion, was planted in 1985. The rootstocks included 'Montizo' and 'Monpol' and other plum rootstocks as: 'pollizo', 'Adesoto 101', 'Saint Julian A (EM)' and 'INRA-Saint Julian 655/2', 'INRA Damas 1869' and the European plums 'Brompton' (EM) and 'INRA-GF43'. Peach seedling is included as a reference. Growth, yield and productivity after 10 years show that 'Montizo' and 'Monpol' possess the same level of vigor and productivity as 'INRA-Saint Julian 655/2'. 'Montizo' showed the highest productivity of the trial, closely followed by 'Monpol' and 'INRA-GF 655/2'. These two new rootstocks sucker much less than 'INRA-GF 655/2' and 'INRA-Damas 1869'.
Felipe, A., Carrera, M., Gómez-Aparisi, J. and Socias, R. (1997). 'MONTIZO' AND 'MONPOL', TWO NEW PLUM ROOTSTOCKS FOR PEACHES. Acta Hortic. 451, 273-278
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1997.451.31

Acta Horticulturae