S. Tustin, D. Ferree, S. Myers, L. Corelli-Grappadelli, A. Lakso, T. Robinson, J. Flore, R. Perry, S. Breitkreutz, B. Barritt, B. Konishi, C. Rom, L. Taylor, A. Webster, C. Atkinson, J. Palmer, W. Cashmore
The International Apple Growth Study (IAGS) is a multi-national cooperative research initiative established to study apple growth responses to climate and environment. The goal of the study is to identify how environmental factors mediate tree growth and determine yield and fruit quality by using experimental protocols which standardize cultivar, rootstock and cultural orchard management. The study commenced in 1991/92 with the establishment of identical plantings of Jonagold/M.9 in 9 diverse apple production regions across maritime and continental climates ranging in latitude from 33° to 51° N and 39° S. Sites are located on agriculture experiment stations at Kent, England (Horticulture Research International); Cadriano, Italy (University of Bologna); Havelock North, New Zealand (HortResearch); and in 6 regions of the United StatesCWooster, Ohio (Ohio State University); Clarksville, Michigan (Michigan State University); Wenatchee, Washington (Washington State University); Geneva, New York (Cornell University); Blairsville, Georgia (University of Georgia); Fayetteville, Arkansas (University of Arkansas). This paper introduces the purpose of the IAGS, the co-operators participating in the project and some apple growth characteristics from among the nine climatic regions. The main properties of growth and fruiting have been measured in the formative years, while growing trees to a suitable size for experimental manipulation. Results are presented describing shoot and trunk growth, floral precocity, yield and fruit size, which characterize young tree development among the nine distinct climates.
Tustin, S., Ferree, D., Myers, S., Corelli-Grappadelli, L., Lakso, A., Robinson, T., Flore, J., Perry, R., Breitkreutz, S., Barritt, B., Konishi, B., Rom, C., Taylor, L., Webster, A., Atkinson, C., Palmer, J. and Cashmore, W. (1997). THE INTERNATIONAL APPLE GROWTH STUDY. Acta Hortic. 451, 693-700
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1997.451.83
Malus domestica (Borkh.), environment, climate, precocity, flowering, fruit density, fruit size, crop load, cv. 'Jonagold'

Acta Horticulturae