R.F. Harnett
Four 0.1 ha glasshouses were erected at Efford Experimental Horticulture Station, Hants, to compare yield from a range of crops and measure transmission of solar radiation. A multispan structure with East-West orientation gave a higher solar-radiation measurement and produced tomatoes with a better total-yield than an identical structure orientated North-South and two wide, clearspan structures. One of the single widespan structures was of conventional design with a 26° pitched roof and the other designed with a mansard-shaped roof. The solar radiation transmission was higher in the two widespan structures around the winter solstice and earlier-maturing lettuce were harvested in these houses at this time compared with the multispan structures. There was no significant difference between the two widespan structures.
Harnett, R.F. (1975). STUDY OF GLASSHOUSE TYPE AND ORIENTATION. Acta Hortic. 46, 209-216
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1975.46.20