F. Verdenius, Jan L. Top
For many problems in the agricultural domain it is important to have insight in the dynamic behaviour of products and processes, in particular in view of the increasing emphasis on efficiency and quality. Software tools for planning, scheduling, control and design largely depend on proper behavioural models. Most modelling approaches assume knowledge on the underlying processes to be available. In agricultural domains the underlying processes for many systems are not, or not completely, understood. Therefore, behaviour information obtained from experiments is required as input to the modelling process. In this paper we discuss a case-based approach to exploiting large-scale model libraries, to support the modelling of such complex systems.

In the next section we shortly review existing conceptual and case based modelling approaches. We formulate the requirements for the case based approach that we advocate. Section 3 defines the case based modelling approach. The research in this paper is in its early stage. Section 4 illustrates the value of this work by elaborating an example in the agricultural domain. We end with concluding remarks and plans for future research in section 5.

Verdenius, F. and Top, Jan L. (1998). CASE BASED MODELLING OF DYNAMIC SYSTEMS. Acta Hortic. 476, 279-288
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1998.476.32
DAE-systems, Model Libraries, Case Based Modelling

Acta Horticulturae