R. Swennen, I. Van den houwe, S. Remy, L. Sági, H. Schoofs
Dessert bananas of the Cavendish group (AAA) are among the most important bananas grown in the subtropics. For their improvement, genetic engineering is proposed which relies on fast growing in vitro cultures. Therefore, firstly the storage potential of Cavendish clones under slow growth conditions is discussed. Secondly, this stock material is tested for the presence of endogenous bacteria. Thirdly, bacteria-free cultures are then turned into highly proliferating meristem cultures to obtain high quality scalps for the production of embryogenic cell suspensions. After bombardment with the particle-inflow gun, transgenic cultures are selected and regenerated. Preliminary results are presented on the expression of foreign genes in the bunch of a flowering ‘Williams’ banana, as well as in the leaves of the mother plant, daughter and granddaughter suckers.
Swennen, R., Van den houwe, I., Remy, S., Sági, L. and Schoofs, H. (1998). BIOTECHNOLOGICAL APPROACHES FOR THE IMPROVEMENT OF CAVENDISH BANANAS. Acta Hortic. 490, 415-424
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1998.490.42
Cavendish, embryogenic cell suspension, gene expression, genetic transformation, meristem

Acta Horticulturae