M. Pekmezci, H. Gübbük, M. Erkan
The banana is known as a crop of tropical climates but can be grown subtropical areas of Turkey, especially in microclimate of some areas, namely, Alanya, Gazipasa, Anamur and Bozyazi.

These regions generally have a climate suitable for banana cultivation although in some extreme years, low temperatures can reduce yield and quality. It may also be necessary to use artificial irrigation during periods of low rainfall.

Total production of the banana in Turkey has increased to its current level of 50,000 tons/year. The only clone used in these regions is ‘Dwarf Cavendish’. Comparative studies have been carried out with some other important banana clones, such as ‘Grande Naine’, ‘Petite Naine’ and ‘Williams’ in Turkey.

In this study, the agronomic performance of banana in both open field and protected cultivation in Turkey were also compared.

Pekmezci, M., Gübbük, H. and Erkan, M. (1998). INVESTIGATIONS ON GROWING POSSIBILITIES OF BANANA IN TURKEY. Acta Hortic. 490, 599-603
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1998.490.65
Banana, cultivation systems, under plastic cultivation, open field cultivation, yield

Acta Horticulturae