J. León Fuentes
Cherimoya is a semideciduous fruit that grows in subtropical valleys of the inter-andean region. It is propagated by grafting with the aim of preserving genetic characteristics. The best method is that of terminal scion graft. Varieties have not been selected in Ecuador. Most orchards consist of trees derived from seed. 5 ecotypes have been selected in Pichincha province (E4, E7, E8, E15, E17) and 8 in Azuay (E4, E14, E16, E27, E41, E64, E66, E69) on the basis of outstanding pomological characteristics.

Fruit fly is amongst the pests of greatest economic importance. Recommended control is by means of a toxic bait consisting of 4 % hydrolized protein plus 0.15 % dimethoate. The highest percentage of healthy fruits is obtained with an application to the entire tree every 21 days.

León Fuentes, J. (1999). PRODUCTION OF CHERIMOYA (ANNONA CHERIMOLA MILL.) IN ECUADOR. Acta Hortic. 497, 59-70
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1999.497.3
propagation, grafting, cultivars, pests, diseases, fruit fly

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