S. Chaikiattiyos, R. Kurubunjerdjit, P. Akkaravessapong, S. Rattananukul, P. Chueychum, P. Anupunt
Mango cv. ‘Kaew’ is one of the commercial varieties of economic importance to the mango industry in Thailand. Following progeny testing of 320 ‘Kaew’ clones collected from the North, Northeast, and Central Thailand, a number of clones with superior horticultural traits were selected for further evaluation. Of those, the ‘SK007’ clone provided the highest mean fruit yield of 65.4 kg per tree at years 7 and 8. A subsequent yield comparison trial of the selected clones indicated that ‘SK007’ has an outstanding potential in terms of yield and quality. The variety ‘SK007’, officially recommended by the Department of Agriculture and currently known as ‘Kaew Sisaket’, has a mean yield of 25.5 kg per tree at years 5 and 6 with a mean fruit weight of 252 g, with 81% flesh, and 0.049% citric acid. The fine texture, low fiber content and firm flesh are good characteristics for pickling. Other aspects of this clone with regard to processing are also discussed. ‘Kaew Sisaket’ had been released to farmers in 1994. Although ‘Kaew’ mango is mainly used for processing, it can be consumed at mature green. In addition, it has been exported as a ripe mango to neighbouring countries. Further investigations into consumer acceptance of this variety for fresh consumption in international markets, and its use in breeding programs, are required.
Chaikiattiyos, S., Kurubunjerdjit, R., Akkaravessapong, P., Rattananukul, S., Chueychum, P. and Anupunt, P. (2000). IMPROVEMENT AND EVALUATION OF THE SELECTED ‘KAEW SISAKET’ MANGO IN THAILAND. Acta Hortic. 509, 185-192
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2000.509.18
evaluation, improvement, mango, Kaew cultivar, Thailand

Acta Horticulturae