A. Sukthumrong, N. Boonkerd, R. Khumlert, S. Feungchan, P. Luksanawimol, J. Prasittikhet, O. Suriyapan
In order to find suitable packages for plant nutrient management in Nam Dok Mai mango orchard, mature leaves of several mango trees under low input of fertilizer, as well as soil underneath them were analyzed. Experiments on N P K and different plant nutrient managements were established and the leaves of mango in each treatment were analyzed for nutrient and TNC content. Results indicated that the plant nutrients in soils were distributed in very wide ranges and the values of each element were not related to soil textures or regions and most plant nutrients except calcium were medium to low. The plant nutrients in mango leaves were distributed in narrow ranges and could be arranged to establish diagnostic criteria in 3 regions of Thailand. The values of plant nutrients and TNC in mango leaves were not affected much by short term fertilizer treatments. Nitrogen was the only element which was most affected. Under long term high input of fertilizer in some high yielding orchards, the values could go to a very high level. Result from this experiment showed that most of the plant nutrient although available in soil in small amount could be extracted and taken up by mango trees in almost sufficient quantities, allowing the possibility of applying slow release nutrient materials through the soil as basal doses and supplementing by readily soluble forms either through soil or foliar applications. The amount and frequency of supplementary nutrients would be verified in further experiments.
Sukthumrong, A., Boonkerd, N., Khumlert, R., Feungchan, S., Luksanawimol, P., Prasittikhet, J. and Suriyapan, O. (2000). PLANT NUTRIENT AND DISTIBUTION UNDER DIFFERENT FERTILIZER MANAGEMENT IN NAM DOK MAI MANGO. Acta Hortic. 509, 307-314
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2000.509.35
fertilizer management, Nam Dok Mai mango, nutrient distribution

Acta Horticulturae