Hadi K. Purwadaria, S. Wuryani
The objective of this study was to develop the respiration model for edible coated minimally processed (ECMP) mango fruits. The assessment of the maximum rate of oxygen consumption (RO2max), and the oxygen internal partial pressure at the half level of RO2max, namely, k½ has been carried out for Arumanis mango.

The SOP (Standard Operation Procedure) for the minimally processed, and the ECMP of Arumanis mango have been established. The empirical models of RO2max and K½ of the ECMP mango have been developed for various storage temperatures of 5 – 25°C. For example, the RO2max and K½ at 10°C are found out to be 74 × 10-8 mol/kg.sec and 7.68 kPa, respectively.

The quality changes of the ECMP mango during the storage have also been observed. The critical quality parameters are the yellowness and the hardness of mango which are influenced by the temperature and can be expressed in Arrhenius equations. The Arrhenius constants, found in the experiments, are 75.92 × 104 k0 and 39.207 KJ/mol Ea for the changes in yellowness, and 10.53 × 106 k0 and 43.922 KJ/mol Ea for the changes in hardness.

Purwadaria, Hadi K. and Wuryani, S. (2000). RESPIRATION MODEL FOR EDIBLE COATED MINIMALLY PROCESSED MANGO. Acta Hortic. 509, 531-544
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2000.509.61
edible coating, minimal process, respiration model, mango

Acta Horticulturae