P. Menesatti, G. Paglia, S. Solaini
The analysis of impact damage of fruits is a subject of high economic value and it is widely treated in literature. The most studied aspects are: finding impact standard methodologies, determining ‘bruising susceptibility- or resistance-’ properties and setting limits that must not be exceeded during handling and transportation operations. Authors have developed an instrumental and processing method to determine a synthetic index that allows to express fruit damage as a probability, in order to compare different agronomic techniques or cultivars. The drop damage index (DDI) is the result of a series of statistic steps, based on a multiple linear regression (MLR) model. This is determined for each fruit (species or cultivar) considering the contribution of different fruit (physico-morphological) and impact (direct drop on rigid support) variables on the damage. It represents the maximum drop height (in mm) for which the probability of damage of the cultivar is equal to 5%. The calculation procedure of DDI is based on the observed values for the variable considered in the MLR model. Experiments have been conducted on seven different peach cultivar. Fruits were impacted for values of drop height ranging from 200 to 600 mm. Other fruit variables as weight, volume, diameter, height and impact variables (pulp thickness at the impact point, position of impact point on peach) were measured and utilised in multiple linear correlation with measured damage extension.
Different values of DDI (table 3) were found. Nectarines were found more resistant than peaches (higher value of DDI). Cultivar precocity did not influence fruit damageability. Therefore drop damage index was found highly correlated both with total percentage of damaged fruits (R=-0.87, P=0.01), and with the value of mean extension of the measured damage (R=-0.85, P=0.01). This indicates that the proposed index could synthesise the damageability of peaches.
Menesatti, P., Paglia, G. and Solaini, S. (2001). COMPARISON OF PEACH CULTIVAR BRUISING SUSCEPTIBILITY BY A DROP DAMAGE INDEX. Acta Hortic. 566, 505-511
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2001.566.66
Impact, fruits, post-harvest, multiple linear regression, damageability

Acta Horticulturae