W. Schotsmans, B.E. Verlinden, J. Lammertyn, B.M. Nicolaï
Diffusion and respiration characteristics of fruit tissue are important in order to estimate the composition of the internal atmosphere of a fruit. In this contribution a methodology is described to measure diffusion and respiration characteristics of tissue simultaneously. The experimental set-up consists of two thermostatised chambers separated with a slice of fruit tissue. A gradient was established over the tissue sample by applying different gas concentrations to both chambers. Due to this gradient, gas diffused from one chamber into the other through the tissue sample. A mathematical model consisting of 6 differential equations (two for each atmosphere gas) was developed to describe this gas transport process through the tissue taking into account diffusion, loss of gas due to sampling, pressure driven bulk transport and gas consumption and production due to respiration and oxidation. The model was solved numerically and the diffusivity of O2 and CO2 were found to be equal to 1.5 x 10-9 m²/s and 13.9 x 10-9 m²/s respectively. No tangential dependence of the diffusivity was found in 'Conference' pears (Pyrus communis).
Schotsmans, W., Verlinden, B.E., Lammertyn, J. and Nicolaï, B.M. (2001). DIFFUSIVITY OF OXYGEN AND CARBON DIOXIDE IN FRUIT TISSUE. Acta Hortic. 566, 521-526
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2001.566.68
Pyrus communis, pear, storage, gas concentration, model, diffusivity

Acta Horticulturae