V. Maras, M. Milutinovic, L. Pejovic, A. Martinovic
Kratosija is the old Montenegrin vine variety of unknown origin. In the middle of the last century it was dominant on Montenegrin variety list. Today it is not much represented in vineyards of Montenegro due to the heterogeneity and it is mostly combined with varieties of vranac.
In order to examine the total variability of kratosija breed from all areas of Montenegro the biotypes of kratosija breed were collected and planted at the Sample Estate of Biotechnical Institute in Podgorica. Beside the morphological description of the 17 biotypes examined the agro biological and economic-technological features have also been examined during the 1996-1998.
In the paper there has been presented the grape yield, cluster weight and berry weight in biotypes examined, as well as the level of average inheritance of these features. At the basis of the genotype variance, and phenotypic variance, the heritability level has been determined for features shown in the paper.
Highest grape yield in vine was in velji vranac. Grape yield in all biotypes, calculated on hectare, was very high, except in rehuljaca. The highest cluster weight has been in vranac and velja kratosija and the highest berry weight in vrancina and vranac.
The highest level of the heritability has been in cluster weight and lowest in berry weight.
Maras, V., Milutinovic, M., Pejovic, L. and Martinovic, A. (2003). HERITABILITY OF FERTILITY OF THE KRATOSIJA VINE BIOTIPES. Acta Hortic. 603, 613-618
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2003.603.83
variability, biotype, kratosija, fertility, cluster weight, grape yield, and berry weight, heritability

Acta Horticulturae