I. Duman, E. Düzyaman
The use of high density plug transplants in processing tomato production has considerably increased in commercial growing areas in recent years. Seedling height control in this growing technique seems to be more challenging than that of the conventionally grown seedlings. Several control measurements of seedling height were tested on high density plug transplants by using two processing tomato cultivars. Brushing at 40 strokes per day reduced stem height by 25 %, which was similar to that obtained by Paclobutrazol application once every 15 days. When both treatments were combined stem length was reduced up to 35 %. Increasing cool air movement around the seedling was less effective in controlling stem height and remained at a reduction rate of 18-19 %. The possibilities in replacing chemical treatments with more environmental friendly techniques were discussed.
Duman, I. and Düzyaman, E. (2003). GROWTH CONTROL IN PROCESSING TOMATO SEEDLINGS. Acta Hortic. 613, 95-102
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2003.613.10
paclobutrazol, brushing, cool air flow, seedling height, biomass

Acta Horticulturae