W. Faedi, G. Baruzzi, P. Lucchi
Italy’s public-sector strawberry breeding programs started more than 30 years ago and since 1993 have been included in the national Frutticoltura project, which is mainly funded by the Ministry for Agricultural and Forestry Policy. Their essential goal is to produce new and improved dessert cultivars that are well adapted to three broad target areas (southern regions, the Po Valley and northern mountain areas) marked by different environmental conditions and management techniques. To date, a number of commercially important cultivars, particularly for northern areas, have been released. Breeding objectives reflect current strawberry industry trends. The imminent phase-out of methyl bromide has increased emphasis on resistance to soil-borne pathogens. More than in the past, the programs are aimed at developing improved varieties for fruit quality (good balance of sweetness and acidity, flavor and juiciness) and to extend the picking season, especially in relation to the autumn cultivars that are very popular in the Verona area districts. Only the recent advances in breeding for the northern areas are reported.
Faedi, W., Baruzzi, G. and Lucchi, P. (2003). OUTSTANDING STRAWBERRY SELECTIONS FROM ITALIAN BREEDING ACTIVITY. Acta Hortic. 626, 125-132
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2003.626.17
Fragaria x ananassa, cultivar description

Acta Horticulturae