S.P. Thornton-Wood
A new project to trace European library holdings of nursery catalogues has been put in place by the Royal Horticultural Society (UK), which maintains extensive holdings in the RHS Lindley Library. These catalogues are important as the first place of publication of a new name for a cultivated plant. A surprising amount may be inferred about the introduction of plants into cultivation, and the way in which they are used in the garden. There are particular difficulties associated with the collection of nursery catalogues: there is often no way of knowing if one holds a complete set for a nursery. A number of organisations across Europe have collections of catalogues, and the RHS Lindley Library, together with the Botany Department at Wisley Garden, has developed a project to collate information on these collections. In due course, it is planned that this information will be made available on the internet.
Thornton-Wood, S.P. (2004). TOWARDS A EUROPEAN CATALOGUE OF NURSERY CATALOGUES. Acta Hortic. 634, 243-247
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2004.634.31
library, cultivated plant, nomenclature, garden history

Acta Horticulturae