A.-E. Nikolopoulou, G. Tsoggarakis, D. Gourlias, P.A. Nektarios
Two field studies (winter and summer) were conducted in order to evaluate the effect of three different fertilization programs, and a urea formaldehyde resin foam (UFRF) soil amendment, on sod establishment and anchorage. Fertilizer treatments included: a) a quick release (QR) granular fertilizer, b) a slow release (SR) fertilizer, and c) a foliar fertilizer (F). The substrate consisted of a sandy loam soil and in half of the plots was amended with UFRF flakes. Sod establishment and growth were evaluated by the determination of the clippings dry weight, root dry weight, visual quality ratings, and the vertical force required for sod detachment. Foliar fertilization reduced clipping yield in both studies and visual quality during the winter study, while F fertilization promoted root growth and sod anchorage. SR fertilization provided moderate top growth and deteriorated visual quality and sod anchorage of turf during winter, while QR application increased top growth and maintained high visual quality. In the summer study both SR and QR fertilization reduced root growth in two out of six sampling dates. UFRF amendment resulted in less root growth when temperatures were below 10oC, without affecting though top growth or sod anchorage.
Nikolopoulou, A.-E., Tsoggarakis, G., Gourlias, D. and Nektarios, P.A. (2004). EFFECTS OF FERTILIZER AND FOAM SOIL AMENDMENT ON SOD ESTABLISHMENT. Acta Hortic. 661, 265-270
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2004.661.33
slow release fertilizer, soluble fertilizer, foliar fertilization, urea formaldehyde resin foam, visual quality, sod anchorage, vertical force

Acta Horticulturae