J.P. Horry, H. Lenoir, X. Perrier, C. Teisson
CIRAD pineapple gene-bank was established in Martinique in 1985 and now has over 600 accessions. Considerable data — origin, botanical description, agronomic behaviour — have been collected. In the year 2000, the development of a user-friendly database was undertaken. Within this database, each collection is documented according to the IPGRI plant descriptors: Passport, Characterization, Evaluation and Management descriptors. In addition, a set of indicators gives information about data reliability and representatives. The database is intended for the use of researchers in charge of the gene-bank for genetic resources and end-users working in genetics, breeding, development or training. Through the user interface, curators have access to data input and management frames. End users can consult the database through several pre-set forms which contain general or more detailed lists of germplasm or through accession data sheets illustrated with photographs. Any other kind of queries can be developed with Microsoft Access software. The development of standardized data frames allows information exchange with other databases.
Horry, J.P., Lenoir, H., Perrier, X. and Teisson, C. (2005). THE CIRAD PINEAPPLE GERMPLASM DATABASE. Acta Hortic. 666, 73-76
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2005.666.6
Ananas, genetic resources, gene-bank, plant descriptors

Acta Horticulturae