A.H. Tadevosyan, S.K. Mairapetyan, R.J. Buniatyan, J.S. Alexanyan, H.K. Galstyan, B.T. Stepanyan, G.S. Davtyan
As far back as the 15th century records were made about pharmacochemical significance of Humulus in Armenian traditional medicine. Institute of Hydroponics Problems of National Academy of Sciences of Republic of Armenia is the only scientific institution in the territory of CIS which is involved with hydroponic (soilless) growth problems of medicinal, essential oil and dye-bearing plants. Taking into account the recent interest for Humulus, the first trials of that plant under soilless conditions were started in 2003. The cuttings from wild plantlets grown in vicinity of Yerevan were planted in hydroponic plots. Female flowers (cones) of hop were collected from one-year-old hydroponic plants (HP), mother soil plants (SP) and from plants grown in Garni part (GP) of Khosrov Preserve. Generally, wet weight of cones obtained from 1m2 nourished by hydroponics was 2938g, dry weight was 719g. The results of biochemical analysis of samples showed that the lowest content of summary alkaloids and tannins was observed in mother SP (0.56% and 3.49%), whereas high content of these substances was noticed in HP (2.0% and 4.1%) and in GP (1.33% and 4.1%). Such regularity was also observed of essential oil content: in SP – 0.13%, in HP – 0.25% and in GP – 0.20%. Radiochemical (summary beta-activity, natural and artificial radionuclides’ content) studies of samples were also conducted. So, soil less (hydroponic) growth feasibility of humulus has been proved. On the basis of preliminary results obtained we can conclude that hydroponic cultivation of Humulus is efficient and prospective in the Ararat Valley conditions. Trials are being continued.
Tadevosyan, A.H., Mairapetyan, S.K., Buniatyan, R.J., Alexanyan, J.S., Galstyan, H.K., Stepanyan, B.T. and Davtyan, G.S. (2005). HUMULUS HYDROPONICS IN ARMENIA. Acta Hortic. 668, 235-240
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2005.668.30
hop, soilless culture, cones, volatile oil, alkaloids, tannins

Acta Horticulturae