H. Kegler, H. Kleinhempel, T.D. Verderevskaja
From different pear trees with stony pit symptoms a virus was isolated which causes brown necrotic spots, rings, and vein necrosis on Phaseolus vulgaris Its pH-stability ranges from 2 to 9, its thermal inactivation point from 85 to 90°C, and its dilution end point from 10-6 to 10-7.

The spherical virus Particles have diameters of 32 nm, and the antisera prepared with them from different isolates reached titres of I : 512 to 1024. The virus was transmissible by Longidorus macrosoma from and to Chenopodiummurale. After inoculation of young leaves of Pyroniaveitchii with purified and concentrated preparates there appeared epinasty and tip necrosis similar to those symptoms appearing on this indicator after graft inoculation with stony pit sources.

Kegler, H., Kleinhempel, H. and Verderevskaja, T.D. (1976). INVESTIGATIONS ON PEAR STONY PIT VIRUS. Acta Hortic. 67, 209-218
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1976.67.26

Acta Horticulturae