J. Colin, M. Verhoyen
To realise microzrafts for the Prunus species, we thought it was important to Know the structure and the sizes of the meristematic tips of the shoot apex. It was also important to determine exactly what is meant by expressions such as "meristem", "leaf primordia", "meristematic tips", terms which indicate different parts of the apical shoot apex. Several confusions will then be avoided. Observations on comparative morphology and structure for both growing and dormant apical tips ace presented for different Prunus species. Measurements showed that the dome (or true meristem) had generally a height and diameter under 100 *m. Meristematic tips including undifferentiated cells were always shorter than 300 μm. Parts of this size are taken for meristem cultures. The Prunus meristematic tips already showed 4 or 5 foliar primordia. The comparison of the constitutive elements between meristemetic tip parts from growing shoots or dormant budsticks showed insignificant differences in height and diameter. The meristematic tip diameters of cherry varieties were generally larger than those of plum or peach varieties. As a rule meristematic tips of cherries showed a more pronounced flattening than those of plums and peaches.

Considerations about the possibilities and the limits of a microzraft technique with meristematic tips are then given.

Colin, J. and Verhoyen, M. (1976). ANATOMICAL STUDY OF PRUNUS MERISTEMATIC TIPS. Acta Hortic. 67, 87-96
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1976.67.8

Acta Horticulturae