J. Tous
In Spain the hazelnut crop occupies about 22,500 ha, which are mainly located in Catalonia, and especially in Tarragona (20,000 ha). Spanish hazelnut represents 3% of world production (22,000 t in shell); the main world producers are Turkey (70%), Italy (15 %) and USA (5%). Hazelnut production and surface trends in Spain are stable. In Catalonia, there are 7,000 small hazelnut farms with an average orchard size of between 1 and 5 ha, most of which need to be modernized. ‘Negret’ is the main cultivar in the Spanish hazelnut kernel market. The orchards of this region are mainly located on the plain called ‘Camp de Tarragona’. Most are irrigated, but production costs tend to be higher than in other producing countries like Turkey and the USA. In this scenario, one of the most important objectives is to reduce management costs and improve nut quality, thereby ensuring greater returns for growers. This paper presents several aspects of the hazelnut sector, cultural practices and production trends in Spain.
Tous, J. (2005). HAZELNUT PRODUCTION IN SPAIN. Acta Hortic. 686, 659-664
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2005.686.87
hazelnut sector, production, orchard types, cultivars, pest and diseases, postharvest, Spain

Acta Horticulturae