T. Chengfu, T. Chengying, C. Lianwei, W. Guozheng, D. Duejing
Welsh onion male-sterile plants were found in the seed propagation field of “Donglingbai” Welsh onion. Six plants selected were pollinated in the same year. Three plants were harvested and their seeds were sown in three lines separately. In the second year, one plant selected from the lines with high male-sterile rate made a couple of hybridization with the original fertile plants. At the same time, the male parent was self-pollinated and desirable lines were selected cautiously from four generations. According to testing of male sterility and other characters, male-sterile plant No.025 was selected, followed by mixed pollination with the corresponding female parent. The male-sterile rate of the line was 100% for three continuous generations for the next two years. This line is numbered as 244 in 1998, so it is briefly called 244A, and the corresponding male parent is called 244B. The seed-setting ability of 244A is the same as that of the normal plants. The hybrid that was made using 244A as female parent showed a higher vigor, so 244A is worth to be used in breeding program.
Chengfu, T., Chengying, T., Lianwei, C., Guozheng, W. and Duejing, D. (2005). SELECTION AND UTILIZATION OF THE MALE-STERILE LINE ´244A´ IN WELSH ONION. Acta Hortic. 688, 151-158
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2005.688.18

Acta Horticulturae