S. Kuntarshi, I. Husni, S. Sulihanti
Banana is one of the main horticultural commodities in Indonesia. In Jakarta, the capital city, banana is consigned to the main wholesale markets of Kramatjati and Cengkareng. The Cengkareng wholesale market (CWM) supplies about 6-8% of the banana to Jakarta. The bananas mainly come from Lampung province (60-70%). Inter-island traders buy the banana from collectors in the districts, villages or directly from the growers. Banana from the CWM are distributed to fruit vendors (20-30%), the traditional markets in Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang and Bekasi (20-30%), caterers (5-10%), supermarkets (10-15%) and Cirebon wholesale market (5-10%). In the CWM, banana trading is done using three payment systems: cash, one or four weeks credit and consignment. Prices are determined by the traders who must pay the cost of the ripening process, unloading, transportation and kiosk rental. Product losses are high. Price and quality information is then distributed to inter-island traders, fruit collectors at the District and village level and finally, this information goes to growers. At the grower level, the transaction is achieved by various ways such as advance payment, advance loan and credit terms. To improve the existing supply chain, pre and post harvest technology must be applied, mutual partnership between growers and traders encouraged, and farmer groups empowered with support from government and private institutions.
Kuntarshi, S., Husni, I. and Sulihanti, S. (2006). ASSESSMENT OF BANANA SUPPLY TO CENGKARENG WHOLESALE MARKET, BANTEN, INDONESIA. Acta Hortic. 699, 253-262
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2006.699.29
Supply chain, banana, Cengkareng

Acta Horticulturae