N. Calabrese, E. De Palma, G. Damato
The aim of this study is to evaluate yield and qualitative traits of seed grown artichoke hybrids compared to cultivars vegetatively propagated. Trials were carried out over two years in Policoro, southern Italy. Seedlings of four seed propagated hybrids: ‘Concerto’, ‘Opal’, ‘N9440’, ‘N6376’, selected by Nunhems, were transplanted in open field in the first week of July; spacing was 120 and 70 cm respectively between rows and plants. In comparison, rooted offshoots of ‘Violetto di Provenza’ (VP) and micropropagated plantlets of ‘Romanesco C3’ (RC3), were planted in the same date. Starting from plant stage of 10th true leaf, three GA3 treatments at 5 ppm were applied to the foliage of all plants at three week intervals, using aqueous solution acidified to pH 4 with urea phosphate. Biometric traits, dry matter and fiber of primary and secondary buds were recorded at each harvest. The refuse of small buds trimmed before processing, height of the inflorescence complex and atrophic buds were also determined. High yield was generally recorded for all cultivars. The largest number of buds, was observed for the cv Concerto, Opal, N6376 and VP with a two-years average of 207,000 buds ha-1, whereas 108,000 buds ha-1 were harvested for the RC3. In all cultivars more than 50% of heads weighed between 100-200 g. Height of pappus, dry matter and fibre content progressively increased in buds harvested from March to May. The results confirmed the good earliness of the VP and the different seed propagated cultivar sensitivity to GA3 treatments. VP produced about 6,000 buds ha-1 in October, (110 days after planting) and a total of 27,000 buds ha-1 were harvested by the end of November, whereas 10,000 and 3,000 buds ha-1 were respectively yielded for the Opal an N6376 in the same period. The harvest of the late cultivars started in December.
Calabrese, N., De Palma, E. and Damato, G. (2007). HARVEST TIME AND YIELD OF ARTICHOKE CULTIVARS PROPAGATED VEGETATIVELY OR BY SEED. Acta Hortic. 730, 345-350
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2007.730.45
hybrids, gibberellic acid, earliness, harvesting time, buds quality

Acta Horticulturae