N. Sari, I. Solmaz
Turkey is the second largest melon producing country after China and the secondary diversity center of melon. In Turkey, the production is mainly conducted with the local genotypes that belong to inodorus group. During the summer and the fall season of 2004 sixty four accessions were collected from the provinces of Aegean, Middle Anatolia, Mediterranean, Marmara-Thrace and Southeastern Anatolia Region which have valuable melon genetic resources. The morphological characterization of genotypes was done for 10 fruit characters (length, diameter, shape of longitudinal section, ground color of skin at maturity, secondary colors of skin, size of pistil scar, grooves, creasing of surface and netting). Numeric values were given to the genotypes according to the criterias of the characters which were observed. The genotypes were assigned to different groups based on their relatedness.
Sari, N. and Solmaz, I. (2007). FRUIT CHARACTERIZATION OF SOME TURKISH MELON GENOTYPES. Acta Hortic. 731, 103-109
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2007.731.14
Cucumis melo L., Cucurbitaceae, germplasm, genetic resources, morphology

Acta Horticulturae