R.A. Levin, J.R. Shak, J.S. Miller, G. Bernardello, A.M. Venter
We examine evolutionary relationships among the three genera in tribe Lycieae using DNA sequence data from the nuclear granule-bound starch synthase gene (GBSSI, waxy). Tribe Lycieae is comprised of the large cosmopolitan genus Lycium and the predominately South American genera Grabowskia and Phrodus. Phylogenetic results strongly suggest that Lycium contains Grabowskia and may also include Phrodus. Further, we examine relationships among several clades of American Lycium and within the monophyletic Old World lineage. This study has the largest taxon sampling to date for tribe Lycieae, with 85% of the named species. Increased sampling within eastern Asia and South America, with the world’s highest species-richness of Lycium, as well as the addition of more rapidly evolving genetic markers, are the areas on which to focus future work.
Levin, R.A., Shak, J.R., Miller, J.S., Bernardello, G. and Venter, A.M. (2007). EVOLUTIONARY RELATIONSHIPS IN TRIBE LYCIEAE (SOLANACEAE). Acta Hortic. 745, 225-240
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2007.745.9
Lycium, Grabowskia, Phrodus, phylogeny, GBSSI

Acta Horticulturae