Dr. Husnija Festic
Having in mind the fact that plum virus Sharka is wide spread in our country, we decided to check sensibility of some varieties to the Sharka virus. These varieties are very frequent in infected areas and are very important for fruit production. They have not been known as Sharka hosts.

We also included sweet cherry, sour sherry and almond as well as hawthorn. The latter was included because it is wide spred in plum areas. Sensibility of some of these varieties to Sharka virus had formerly been tested. Christoff (1958) and Šutic (1965) investigated sensibility of Prunus amygdalus. Christoff (1947), Šutic (1965), Jordovic (1965) and Nemeth (1965) worked on testings of sensibility of Prunus cerasus by means of mechanic transmission of Sharka virus. P. avium was also investigated by Šutic (1965), Jordovic (1965), Nemeth (1965) and Hamdorf (1972) by the same method, i.e. mechanic transmission of virus.

Husnija Festic, Dr. (1978). INVESTIGATION OF NEW SHARKA VIRUS HOSTS. Acta Hortic. 74, 233-240
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1978.74.32

Acta Horticulturae