X.L. He, S.Q. Lin, X.H. Yang, Y.L. Hu, G.B. Hu, J.H. Bu
The distributions of 5 species of genus Eriobotrya: E. fragrans, E. japonica, E. cavaleriei, E. deflexa and E. kwangsiensis in Guangdong were investigated based on references, herbarium specimen studies and field studies. The locations of Eriobotrya plants were determined by GPS (Global Position System). Some plants of Eriobotrya species were transplanted at the University orchard for further observation. Several seedling trees of common loquat with good traits were described. Some traits such as early maturing, high yielding, large fruit size, good taste and resistance, are valuable and useful in production. Protection, utilization, distribution, and evolution of Eriobotrya germplasm resources in Guangdong as well as the distribution and evolution of E. deflexa (Hemsl.) Nakai are discussed.
He, X.L., Lin, S.Q., Yang, X.H., Hu, Y.L., Hu, G.B. and Bu, J.H. (2007). RESOURCES OF ERIOBOTRYA IN GUANGDONG, CHINA. Acta Hortic. 750, 197-202
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2007.750.30
germplasm, geographical distribution, preservation

Acta Horticulturae