M.A. Rashid, M. Tauhidur Rahman, M. Shahadad Hussain, M. Motiur Rahaman
So far, 98 vegetable crops have been reported to be grown in Bangladesh. Considering the extent of production and utilization 19 major and 20 minor indigenous vegetables (IVs) were identified in Bangladesh. Major IVs include brinjal, hyacinth bean, bitter gourd, pointed gourd, ribbed gourd, snake gourd, sponge gourd, wax gourd, teasle gourd, cucumber, Indian spinach etc and are mainly grown in the summer season. Minor IVs include water cress, winged bean, sword bean, ivory gourd, chenopodium, tak palong, water lily, leaf amaranth etc and are cultivated on a small scale. Among IVs, brinjal, hyacinth bean, teasle gourd have diversified variabilities and brinjal, hyacinth bean, bitter gourd, ridge gourd have got maximum attention for their development. Emphasis has been given for the resistance breeding and integrated pest management of these crops. Plant Genetic Resource Centre (PGRC) of Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI) has got short and long term storage facilities where IVs are evaluated and conserved. Even though IVs are highly nutritious and are protective foods against various ailments including cancer, little attention was given for their improvement and many of them are at the risk of extinction. Therefore, attempt should be made for the development of IVs through survey, collection, evaluation, conservation and establishment of network on regional basis.
Rashid, M.A., Tauhidur Rahman, M., Shahadad Hussain, M. and Motiur Rahaman, M. (2007). INDIGENOUS VEGETABLES IN BANGLADESH . Acta Hortic. 752, 397-400
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2007.752.70
Major, minor, leafy vegetables, weed vegetables, network, conservation

Acta Horticulturae