G. Elzenga
In the Netherlands growing, trading, importing and exporting of reproductive material of most arboricultural crops - especially fruit crops - is subject to inspection and supervising by the N.A.K.B. (General Netherlands Inspection Service of Woody Nursery Stock).

The main objective of the N.A.K.B. is to promote in our country the growing of genuine and healthy stock of good genetical, internal and external quality; also to take appropriate measures to ensure that this material reaches its destination in good condition and correct designation.

The N.A.K.B.-inspection activities involve the following group of plants: all fruit species including those of soft fruits, moreover most of the broad-leaved trees and conifers - especially those which are suitable for woodproduction under our climatic conditions - and finally a number of ornamental trees. A specification of the species and varieties involved is given in the publication "Rasnamenregister N.A.K.B. 1974".

All nursery- and tradesmen who grow or trade in reproductive material covered by the N.A.K.B. are legally bound to join this service; besides they are obliged to present yearly all their plantmaterial for inspection.

In order to reach its objectives the N.A.K.B. has established standards and requirements and it ensures that these are observed by all the firms which grow, process and/or deal in plantmaterial.

The inspection comprises parent tree inspection, a number of field inspections during the vegetation period and finally a bulk inspection.

The N.A.K.B. is built up of several divisions, one for each group of crops. The control in each division is carried out in a way adapted to the special characteristics of the crop involved. Only reproductive material, which meets N.A.K.B.-standards can be approved and certified. Only certified plantmaterial is allowed to be brought into the trade.

The Inspection Service is also active in the field of selection and of advisory work. One of its most important activities is to make available to the Dutch nurserymen basic material (budwood, rootstocks etc.), which is true-to-type, selected and free from all known viruses. In this connection the N.A.K.B. exploits 3 special parent tree-plots (+ 20 ha) in order to supply the nurseries with genuine basic material on demand. Fruit-tree growers have to buy their total need of bud- and scionwood each year from these plots.

Elzenga, G. (1977). ORGANIZATION OF THE N.A.K.B. AND ITS ACTIVITIES. Acta Hortic. 75, 175-186
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1977.75.21

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