M. Dubsky, F. Sramek
The possibility of peat replacement by crushed water absorbent rockwool in amount of 25 and 35% vol. in four types of substrates (peat one, 3 mixtures with alternative components - green waste compost and composted spruce bark) was verified in the experiments with ornamental shrubs and perennials in containers and with pot plants. Chemical (content of available nutrients and potential for nitrogen fixation) and physical (water capacity) properties of the components and substrates were determined. In the peat substrate, the addition of rockwool affected positively the plant growth. It increased water capacity and improved wettability of the peat substrate after irrigation. Plants grown in mixtures with lower content (to 40% vol.) of alternative components also had good market value. In mixtures with higher content of alternative components (65% vol.) lower water capacity and high potential for nitrogen fixation showed negatively. The addition of rockwool to substrates with alternative components had no significant effect. The addition of 25 or 35% vol. crushed rockwool can replace peat in peat substrates and in mixtures with alternative components without making the quality of substrates and the plant growth worse.
Dubsky, M. and Sramek, F. (2008). CRUSHED ROCKWOOL AS A COMPONENT OF GROWING SUBSTRATES. Acta Hortic. 779, 491-496
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2008.779.62
peat, alternative components, ornamental plants, nitrogen fixation

Acta Horticulturae