P.A. Nektarios, N. Ntoulas
The Olympic Games is the most spectacular sport event of the world and demands a combination of art and athletic games. Both types of events are taking place at the same stadium within a compressed time interval. Therefore, there was a need to utilize modern technologies to permit fast establishment of the Olympic Stadium turfgrass pitch just after the termination of the opening ceremony. The following work describes the case study of installing a removable modular turf system for the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece. The study and the quality control for the whole project were assigned by the stadium construction joint venture to the Dep. of Floriculture and Landscape Architecture of the Agricultural University of Athens. The study specified the drainage and root zone materials, the turfgrass species and variety, as well as the methodology for constructing, managing, transporting and installing the modular turfgrass system. In addition, the study included the design and specifications for the irrigation and drainage system of the turfgrass pitch. The whole project of transporting and constructing the turfgrass pitch during the Olympic Games of Athens 2004 was completed successfully within 65 hrs and withstood 14 days of demanding track and field events as well as the soccer gold medal final game. After the Olympic Games the flexibility of the modular turfgrass system permitted a partial move of the center of the pitch to facilitate the stage scenery for the Paraolympic opening ceremony.
Nektarios, P.A. and Ntoulas, N. (2008). OLYMPIC STADIUM CONSTRUCTION FOR THE ATHENS OLYMPIC GAMES 2004 USING MODULAR TURF . Acta Hortic. 783, 589-600
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2008.783.61
integrated turfgrass module, removable turf, removable athletic fields, soccer pitch

Acta Horticulturae